A treasured longtime figure on the New York jazz scene, pianist John Chin is a prolific composer and heavy-duty improviser who pulls real magic out of his eclectic bag of jazz, pop and Western classical traditions. With a deft, light touch, Chin goes from speedy, Tatum-esque runs up and down the keyboard (amazing independence of both hands) on a variety of boppy standards to bruisingly intimate reflections that poke at the harmonic, melodic and contrapuntal possibilities of his chosen repertoire. Working within the confines of a trad jazz trio (acoustic piano, stand-up bass and drums) seems to open wide vistas for the Juilliard-trained, Kenny Barron–mentored Chin. He’s full of surprises in his seemingly organic ability to veer from the bluesy roots of the jazz-canon playbook to full-on hypermodern abstraction, transcending the dusty clichés of both.



★ ★ ★

-Downbeat Magazine

As a pianist, chin is chameleon like: pointillist and abstract at one juncture, gnarly or bluesy at another.

-Hot House Magazine

It’s not unlike the strange intimacy generated by a huge firework show viewed from afar.

-Wondering Sound

Chin is a fine musician, with a good amount of wit, charm, literacy, and solid musicianship . . . a thoughtful, intelligent, enjoyable date that marks Chin's future as a developing artist, and aligns him with peers such as Aaron Goldberg, Aaron Parks, Bryn Roberts, George Colligan, Toru Dodo, Robert Glasper and Danny Grissett.

-All Music Guide


John Chin has been a fixture on the New York jazz scene since 1998 and was introduced to the piano at age four. He began studying jazz at California State University, which he attended at the age of fourteen as part of the Early Entrance Program for Gifted Students. Upon receiving his B.A. in Music at nineteen, Chin continued his musical studies at the University of North Texas, before pursuing a Masters of Music degree from Rutgers University (under the tutelage of master pianist and composer Kenny Barron), and an Artist Diploma from the world-renowned Juilliard School. His extensive experience in the classroom would lay the foundation for his own pedagogy; his experience and reputation have led to teaching opportunities the world over, while helping to sustain a New York studio of his own, located in Brooklyn's history-rich Prospect Park. John has performed internationally as a leader and sideman, at many major festivals, as well as some of America's most important and storied jazz rooms. He has shared the stage with Ron Carter, Benny Golson, Jaimeo Brown, Mark Turner, Dayna Stephens,  Joel Frahm, John Ellis, Chris Cheek, and Ari Hoenig, among many others. Chin is a prolific composer, drawing inspiration from the jazz, pop, and western classical traditions, with four releases as a leader to-date: 2008's Blackout Conception,  2014's piano trio recording Undercover, 2015's Songs After Hours, a collection of pieces by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Harbison, and his latest, Fifth, an evolution in his musical development. Currently on tour with Rene Marie, Chin was nominated for a Grammy for his work on her latest release, Sound Of Red in 2017.